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What is optimisation and what can it mean for you?

The Optimisation Zone - Intro

Welcome to The Optimisation Zone. This is Episode One of a new videocast or vlog and  podcast where we focus on how to build better business through optimisation.

So what is optimisation? 

It's a question that I get asked a lot and it's also a question I’ve asked of clients over the last few decades, namely what they think optimisation is.

Invariably the response is something like ‘you know, oh, it's about going full throttle, you know, going full, pelt, 100%’ and all these descriptors. 

You know optimisation, whether in business or personal life actually isn't that. What it is in that context, is the ability to go that way. it's the ability to go full throttle if you need to, but it is also a whole lot more. 

So let's break down what optimisation is. 

As said, optimisation is also about being able to go full throttle if you need to; the ability to respond to opportunities when they arise, and the ability to create opportunities. 

In the case of responding to opportunities, they may be good things that you want to be able to go and do. They can also be something that happens that you don't expect, and you're actually vulnerable to. The ones you're most vulnerable to are the situations where it's a blind spot for you. It just appears. Comes straight out of left field or right field or wherever and just sort of seems to hit you. 

Depending on your level optimisation in your business or personal life, you will either respond to those situations really well or you will flutter around and either recover or not, respectively grab the good opportunities and create something magnificent or not.

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