My Story

I’ve had two jobs in my life and for over 35 years I've been optimising business , facilitating rapid growth and preparing them for a strategic exit. 

This has been both for businesses that I (co-)founded, built and exited or I was helping others, from medium to enterprise level, do the same.

I’ve also crashed more companies than the average Gen Y has had jobs including businesses that should never have been scribbled on the back of a napkin let alone be allowed to get off the napkin.

If that turns you off, so be it!

I’ve had five very successful exits and multiple results I’d call satisfactory. The crash and burns were, like any good R&D, business crash test dummies.

I’ve discovered several patterns that lead to success and an equal number that lead to failure in business. These patterns are behavioural and are reflected in both the personal and business life of every person. Luckily because their nature is behavioural, such patterns can be changed.

The best definition I know for success is to live the life you choose mindfully and consciously. Some people have success in their personal lives, others in their business lives, yet neither in isolation is complete. Personal and business success when reflected in balanced symmetry can complete each other provided their causes are truly one; and therein lies the root of unhappiness of many.

My journey has been remarkable to me. It is unimportant whether it is remarkable to you or anyone else. Everyone is on their own unique journey. It’s been remarkable to me because the many highs and lows have each inspired me to improve who I am as a person which is reflected in who I am in business, and forms a simple and comprehensive singularity.
The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative. The Art of Enjoying Business and Life
Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam
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