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A person with 30 years international business experience, founding, growing and exiting companies with seven and eight figure paydays. An expert in business optimisation and rapid growth.

Founder, Investor, International Financier, and published Author

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A good speaker delivers value to the audience in a way that is approachable, and that the people enjoy, so that they talk and rave about the event and you for a long time!
Introducing Paul J. Lange, Exit Strategist, creator of the ‘Inspired Business Process’ business scaling methodology, venture capitalist and business growth guru who travels the world sharing his knowledge and experience on rapid business growth strategies and tools that help businesses & business owners create sustainable financial stability and transform companies into valuable acquisition assets.

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With over 110 seminars and workshops throughout 2018/2019, and audiences of small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders totalling more than 216,000 spoken to over the past 3 years, Paul has provided value to communities from Sydney to Singapore to Berlin, and from London to New York to Hong Kong. As an author, speaker, trainer, mentor and coach, Paul is regularly asked to keynote speak at industry, public and corporate events.
If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to help your guests understand how to grow and scale their business rapidly, how to increase their client base and increase their per client spend, how to turn first time customers into repeat business and raving referrers, as well as get the most out of their people and resources whilst retaining their best talent longer then you have found the right person in Paul.

Here are a few of the ideas Paul talks about!

A good speaker delivers value to the audience in a way that is approachable, and that the people enjoy, so that they talk and rave about the event and you for a long time!
Business is a process of experiences
How much of your business operations make you yawn? Why should your customers think any differently? In this talk Paul takes you through a methodology that transforms any business process into 'experiences' that deliver solid and consistent bottom line results.
Stop trying to manage customer relationships
Relationships are co-created. They're not something you're solely in charge of nor something you own. In this talk Paul takes you through how to create a shift in your organisational paradigms with regard to both your customer and internal relationships.
Is the company a valuable asset or an afterthought?
An asset is valuable, earns you income and can be sold. Many companies are simply seen as a seque between a business idea and the desired audience. Whether you intend to exit a business or not, irrespective of size, in this interactive talk Paul discusses the 5 key failures of many business owners and shareholders that lead to underperformance and weak return on your investment.
Our recommendation of Paul is of the highest order. We were tired of hearing the same stale message from the same type of people wrapped in a different packaging, so we looked outside of our normal circles and I am glad that we did. Paul’s knowledge, passion and expertise to help others is amazing. He presents in a fun manner with great interaction. Our team is excited with the new strategies and the new way of doing things. We will certainly be using him again at future events.


ER Mode Designs (DE)
Brilliant keynote and presentation. The energy, passion, excitement and interaction was first class. Sometimes it is hard to find both an interesting topic and interesting person, but with Paul you certainly get both. Highly recommend to others for your next event.


Connect X Uitzendbureau
I wish I had attended the half day seminar with Inspired Business Process some years ago. It would have saved me so much time in the early stages of our business and setting up our customer service. The information Paul provided was both accurate and interesting, it was explained in terms everybody of any age could understand. This was the most informative and thought provoking seminar that left me with over 20 ideas I can think of immediately that I and my team can implement directly in my business. Thanks Paul, this was without a doubt the best business growth event I have ever attended (and I have attended a few). Cheers


Founder & Artist
Fine Art Artist (DE)
Just fantastic, besides really knowing how to help business owners with his insights and tips, Paul’s knowledge is second to none on re-engineering processes and building relationships in your business to increase sales. The different strategies were great and best of all it was explained in a fun and interesting way. Thank you for a great event.


Director FSC EMEA
Microsoft (UK)
“I’ve known Paul for many years through some of his other businesses and had the opportunity of having Paul speak at one of our Enterprise Sales Mastery events. Paul’s topic of the Inspired Business Process was well received and extraordinarily simply explained. Considering the diverse audience we had, he engaged and excited the business owners with the potential of boosting their bottom-lines through creating awesome experiences for their customers and staff internally. He gave specific tips and could assist with helpful information specific to their industries. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul as a speaker and/or trainer no matter what industry your business is in.”


TorsoTalk™ (UK)

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