Total QX Framework

When you implement Total QX, the Total Quality Experience framework you will ...

Free up and redeploy resources including time, capital and people
Reduce costs and wastage, and increase efficiency and profitability
Create more possibilities for people to be and do their best work always
Increase customer loyalty, word of mouth marketing and brand reputation
Total QX works because it combines big picture strategy with imagination, and tactical focus on the small things that make a huge difference. It takes all three to transform a whole experience.

People talk ... and it's not just your customers!

Your clients and staff talk about you with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers. You'd like to think they only talk about how much they love your product or how valuable your service is. The reality is that most conversations are about how they experience your company and have little to do with your actual product or service.

Total QX is different to anything you've seen. Customer Experience (CX) processes address at most half of any customer experience. The other half (sometimes more than half) is your staff and other people and companies you work with.

What about the processes in your business, internal processes, vendor processes et al, that don't directly connect to your customers but have a potentially huge impact on how your customers' next interaction with you will be experienced.

You can't expect your staff to deliver knock your socks of service and experiences to your clients when their experience is absolute crap!

Total QX, the Total Quality Experience framework is a whole experience approach. Through Total QX you look at the big picture desired outcome and leverage "the power of small" to transform processes and deliver brand promises.

What's better? Good or WOW!?!

Being good is the just price of entry. In fact good these days is less than average!

No one remembers good or talks about it. They remember damn poor more often than simply good, and you can be sure they'll tell their social followers about 'damn poor' faster than they leave your premises.

If you want to be remembered and talked about for the right reasons, what you're striving for is that "WOW!" reaction when people are blown away by HOW you deliver whatever it is you do. That's what Total Quality Experience framework (Total QX) helps you to create.

Start with WHY. Forget about what. Focus on HOW!

A business with a clearly defined purpose will always outperform a business that doesn't know WHY they exist; assuming that the two companies operate in the same space.

Purpose, knowing your WHY, is a great foundation and important. On it's own it neither creates nor sustains business growth.

Exceptional business growth is the result of experiences that convince, persuade or even inspire people to become repeat customers, and influence others to do the same.

Knowing your WHY resonates with your target audience and attracts them to and through your front door. It plays a very minor role, if any, in keeping them coming back.

Attracting clients back, time and time again, relies almost entirely on HOW they experience doing business with you. Total QX is a whole experience approach to successful business growth.

Recreate relationships through your moments of connections

How much real connection do you have with your clients? This is not about how much your CRM system knows about them.

An initial connection can be created when you start with why. Like a synaptic bridge in your brain that's created with every brand new experience, your 'WHY' creates a fragile tether between you and a potential loyal customer.

Every interaction your client has with your product or service, your company, or your brand generally is a moment of connection. Each moment can either strengthen or weaken the overall connection.

There is no other type of experience that strengthens the connection faster or makes it stronger more than one that elicits a WOW response; and it's the quality of the experience that creates this.

When you connect enough WOW responses, you create a loyal customer and raving fan. Like a synaptic bridge in your brain, the stronger the connections become, the more likely that they become the default behaviour.

As business leaders and owners we all want to ...

Grow faster
Grow faster than, and beyond, the standard or average for your industry.
Free-up and redeploy
Free-up and redeploy resources such as time, capital, people and technology and other systems to improve your business.
Reduce costs and wastage
Reduce costs and wastage as you increase efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.
Attract and retain Talent
Attract and retain your best talent and leverage their passion for your industry into business.
Improve and increase
Improve and increase customer loyalty, word of mouth marketing and brand reputation.

Total QX Training and Consulting Possibilities

In-house Consulting, Team Training and Facilitation

Train your team, team leaders, or division managers in Total QX framework. The program delivers training at the relevant leadership respectively operational level so that your people can lead, instruct and implement Total QX in your organisation.

Team facilitation and on-going leadership, respectively operational, team facilitation is also available to ensure your business stays at the forefront of new developments and learnings in marketing, human psychology, customer experience and supporting technologies.

Level Up Your Team To The Total Quality Experience

Due to COVID-19 restrictions most in classroom events have been converted to an online format. If you prefer to attend a live in classroom event instead of online, please reach out so that we may discuss it and work out how to make that happen with you and your company.

Total QX Club - The Total Quality Experience Action Program

Every two months members of the Total QX Club attend a 'two day intensive' to explore new developments and learnings in marketing, human psychology, customer experience and supporting technologies. During the event they collaboratively workshop and discover how to apply these to their business, respectively improve on existing transformations in progress. Total QX Club is by application or invitation only.

Putting Total QX into Action | 1-Day Intensive

Learn the principles of Total QX and take action during the training to explore ways it can be applied to your business. Participants brainstorm both common and unique challenges through the collective braintrust and create actionable plans to take back to their business and/or issue instructions to their team to implement during the Total QX Intensive. The key to success is ensuring both learning and actions are measurable.

Total QX Framework | 3-Hour Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of Total QX and take action with the other participants of the training to brainstorm and explore ways it can be applied to your business. This is an introductory training designed to provide a clear understanding of the framework and principles so that you can implement it in your business directly. You'll leave the workshop with at least one process transformation mapped out and ready to execute with your team.

Make An Enquiry

Given the challenges presented through the COVID-19 embargoes and restrictions placed on business and society by the elected authorities in almost every country,  we may not be able to provide direct, live in classroom training, or on-site facilitation and consulting. We can discuss the possibilities on a discovery call which we will schedule once we receive your information below.
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