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An Introduction to Pitch Deck Perfect Business Optimisation

Welcome to the new podcast all about creating pitch deck perfect business optimisation.

Firstly, what is that?

Well, contrary to common belief, a Pitch Deck is not simply a tool for initially presenting a venture to investors. It’s also a tool that can give you a very high resolution helicopter view of where your business is, and a tool with which to measure and manage performance.

It’s both these aspects of a Pitch Deck that this podcast series focuses on. So if you simply are looking for information on how to put together a compelling Pitch Deck that profiles your business in a way that will be attractive to private equity investors, stick around because we’ll cover that. If however you are interested in finding a way to be able to level up, grow and expand your business, then definitely hang around because it is people like you who will get the most out of this.

Why would I say that? Will people seeking to pitch their business for investment not get a lot out of this?

No. I’m not saying that.

What I do know however from over 30 years of experience is this. If you are solely focused on creating a document to send off to investors you’ll probably miss the majority of the value, because you will most likely not see where the business needs improvement. You’re too busy with the window dressing making it look good on paper.

I’ve read a lot of Pitch Decks in my career and have been pitched to almost as much (there were some that were just pure trash to start with). Invariably what happens when you focus on making the business look good on paper, under scrutiny it becomes pretty obvious that what you have is actually soiled toilet paper.

I trust you will enjoy this series. The videos (podcasts) are not in a specific order so jump around based on what you feel may benefit you the most.

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The Pitch Deck Perfect Business Optimisation Podcast


This video, podcast and the associated article do NOT provide any financial, legal, tax, investment or any other form of advice, professional or otherwise upon which you should or can rely. Seek your own professional advice for personal and business matters. For full details please see our full disclaimer.

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