My beliefs centre mostly around taoism and some buddhism with a portion of quantum physics thrown in. That said I find most or all of quantum physics principles come back to basic principles of tao.

Aligned with taoism, I'm naturally an ontological thinker, and philosophically I'm most aligned with the ancient stoics. I have my own adaptation that progresses beyond the existentialist and phenomenologist movements of the early 20th century, both of which built on stoicism.

I won't weigh in on whether spirituality and religion are the same, different or whether one requires the other. Whatever they are to you they are; the same as your own religious or spiritual beliefs.

For the sake of transparency and the possibility to avoid wasting anyone's time or other resources, I get along better with people who have some level of spirituality or religion in their life, and who are accepting of others’ choices, rather than people who have none.

It's not a judgment of those people or me applying meaning to them, it's simply a case of experience and knowing what will be in flow.


I get up every morning
to transform how the world works,
to align business and pleasure as mutually inclusive,
so that more people live life and business
on purpose, with passion.
Here are some of the things I'm personally passionate about!
My Story

The Education System Re-imagined

Even the so-called future focused education systems fall short of society's needs in 30 years. I've imagined something different that meets what is to come.

People who can be ... without thinking

A way of being that requires no judgement of self or others, avoiding the illusion of perception and both subjective and objective realities. It is what it is.

Giving, so that life is good for everyone & all

The world has more than enough resources to provide every human with a good life, and respect people and the planet. The problem is one of distribution.

Spirituality, connecting to source

Whether you say God, Allah, spirit, source or something else, it makes no difference to me. We each have our own path. Here's an insight into my belief system.

Some of the reasons business people choose to work with me

A few scenarios typical of the primary challenges of business leaders and business owners before we start to work together.

Systemise to Scale

You have a great business and know it can be bigger, better and add value to more people. But how? How can you keep doing all of the stuff that people love you for, keep the quality and still scale up?
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Growth & Expansion

You want more clients, to spend more with you, more frequently, and tell others to do the same! Totally understandable! With so many possibilities of where to start, what should you focus on first?
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Strategic Acquisition

Organic business growth takes time. But you want to fast-track expansion! Maybe you can acquire a complimentary business. How do you structure a deal that's win-win without deep pockets?
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Execute to an Exit

You're ready to continue your journey onto the next milestone in your business career. Which type of exit sets you up to take on the new challenges you want to pursue and how do you create that exit?
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Commercial Negotiations

Some negotiations are tricky, delicate or complex; especially when you're so close to everything. When the deal is important, it makes sense to invest in experience to help you get it across the line.
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Access Equity Capital

Your business has proven its viability, you're making sales, have some traction and a loyal following. Now you want to level up even faster. Private equity capital can help fast track your plans.
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I work together with Experts, Business Owners, C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs and Educators to leave a lasting legacy.
The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative. The Art of Enjoying Business and Life
Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam
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