How to Create a Killer Pitch Deck for Your Business or Start-Up to Persuade Investors
Key things you should know about persuading investors to finance your venture without it draining your time, disrupting your finances or destroying your will to live.
This Masterclass series of do-inars are Like Webinars Only Instead of Just Listening, it's Content You Engage with, Work with the Material and Actually Get Shit Done! Let this be the year you finally take decisive ACTION to raise investment and ACHIEVE your VISION for your business. 
When you do this course and complete the exercises you'll have a professional, investor- pitch-ready Pitch Deck for your Business or Start-Up!
Unlimited access to all 9 MasterClass modules
over 27 days we'll meet online nine times to go through each phase of Pitch Deck creation
18 - 20 mins
each online session is to the point, zero waffle and delivers what you need to work on the next step.
3 Days buffer
you have a business to run and the training supports that with sufficient time to complete what's needed between sessions.
This is not another paint by numbers fill in a template course. its about understanding the psychology of the investor and their advisors when you are presenting to them.

With this Pitch Deck Masterclass you have ...

A seriously amazing mentor
To guide you to create an extraordinary Pitch Deck that you love AND one that makes a real impact when you are presenting your venture.
9 scheduled group sessions
Working together with Paul, an international veteran of the private equity and venture capital space, to implement key learnings.
Clear template to work with
To create critical elements for your pitch to investors right from the get-go.
Personal access to Paul
Paul is on-hand for you throughout the process to 'unblock' where necessary, to work with you directly and to shift your perspective in interesting ways.
Ability to use your own template
In case you have a Pitch Deck format you prefer to use Just bring it along and develop your Pitch Deck with that The course is equally relevant.
Learning applies to all industries
No matter what industry you are in this training delivers the understanding needed to put together a pitch deck that can help you win over investors.

The journey to creating your pitch deck!
The six elements that complete this unique high impact masterclass program.


Submit Your Profile
Submit a profile form outlining the stage of your business, where you want it to lead and the nature of the funding you're seeking to raise.


On Demand Guidance
Ask questions and request specific help from Paul in between the group sessions to speed up your Progress.


Shared Experiences
If you are facing challenges in your business and capital raising efforts, chances are others either have or will have the same experiences.


MasterClass Sessions
Participate in the Masterclass sessions. Do the work and bring your work to the next class to discuss and team as required.


Leverage Decades of Experience
You get Paul working with you bringing his skill, Insights and experience directly to you making things happen.


3 x Monthly Follow Up Group Calls
Every 30 days after the course Is complete you get to revisit with Paul and alumni in a group environment to tweak and refine your pitch.

Why listen to me?

I've been pitched over a thousand times in the last 30+ years. That's once every 10 days on average,

How many times exactly I cannot say, I've simply lost count I've also pitched often in that time either for my own rectums or on behalf of businesses I was involved with.

There is always private equity and other investment capital out .„ there to be had. The problem is often, even when a candidate
is in front of an investor who is a perfect match they screw it up. I've seen it often.

I want to help entrepreneurs and business owners to have a better chance of accessing capital that will help them grow their business and enjoy being in business.

If you are prepared to put in the work, I'm 100% committed to you achieving your goals.

Paul J. Lange

Join this MasterClass if

You feel that your business has a much greater role to
play in the world than what you are currently achieving.
You'd benefit from being a part of a training that is far
from traditional or standard and encourages and challenges you to grow.
You want a credible and dependable mentor who takes genuine interest in your success and cares about you.
You are willing to do what it takes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a call?

We've got your back. All calls will be recorded and can be played back later. However you'll get the most out of being on the call and participating.

At what time are the 9 Masterclass sessions?

Because this is a LIVE training and people are attending from around the world, as a general rule the time is set for Bam AEDT (that's Sydney, Australia time for the new of us). It suits most regions and timezones. However the groups are kept purposefully small which offers possibilities.

What is expected of me?

Simple. That you show up and do the work. Tyre-kickers and online course collectors need not apply. Or serious and be present. Don't go on wondering if you could have done it.

What if this does not work for me?

Everyone's circumstances are different and no one can guarantee you an outcome. Not us and not even the top five big consulting firms. Still, anyone who puts in the appropriate effort to their business and to this training will be able to position the business in a way relevant to investors. Also, this program involves real commitment, which must (in our view) be enjoyable for you and us. If it's not, we'll review your participation in the group and again, find a solution that you'll be happy with. That we do guarantee!

I need to protect my IP and I'm reluctant to share in an open forum?

Totally understand IP protection. Ins up to you how much you share with the group or indeed with Paid. The more you share, the more context people have to help you work through challenges.

What is covered in the training?

During each session, Paul covers a segment of the Pitch Deck based on our template. He also looks into questions and requests submitted by the members. He'll then use real-case scenarios (which could be yours) to highlight insights and solutions. Everyone in the Masterclass is encouraged to discuss their requirements and clarify their own directions. At the end of each session, you will have some homework and a commitment to action before the next call. Your commitment may be assessed on the following call to keep you accountable and to ensure you're getting the most out of this.

What is covered in the mentoring option?

Anything you want to discuss however we recommend you focus on the course material to get the most out of the mentoring in the context of the course.

With the mentoring option, when and how do I get mentored?

If you choose one of the two options that include private Mentoring you have access to two 40 minute sessions with Paul to discuss anything you wish. These can be called upon anytime during the course or during the three months following the course. To book a mentoring call with Paul, simply visit the URL that will be provided to you and book it directly in his agenda at a time convenient to you. Either Paul will call you by phone or the can may be conducted by video conference.
I first worked with Paul as his mentor and later invited him to join me and other partners in a new private equity venture. Over the last decade he has become one of the people whose opinion I trust. His people knowledge and understanding of how things work, especially regarding our investors, make him valuable and indispensable to our team.

Hans Bierbaum
Founder, Bierbaum Investments
We've been working with Paul as our trusted partner in Europe for over 8 years. His local industry knowledge is ideal for our purposes and his people and business skills ensure we work efficiently by only identifying businesses that match our ideal client profile. Additionally, he understands us and our investors . I call that a trifecta.

Clause Voellmecke
President Unicom Financial
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