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Advance your business or professional career. Every event and training program is designed as an experiential learning activity. It's not simply information thrown at you. You do stuff and learn by putting the information into action!

Business Training Programs

There are three tracks to choose from depending on where you are with your business and the outcomes you seek to achieve.
Business Builder Track for accelerated creation, growth and expansion of any business type, for any business size and at any stage of the business.
Advanced Capital Track for private equity investment, capital growth, and exit through sale of the business.
Total QX Track for optimisation and elevation of all aspects of the business through the Total Quality experience methodology.

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Business Training Tracks

30 Years Business Training Experience

Since 1991 Paul has been working with businesses providing training and consulting to help them grow the business and growth the value of the business asset. Today Paul offers a number of business training programs across the year through BsnssRcks (pronounced 'Business Rocks'). 

BsnssRcks is a training and education operation Paul co-founded several years ago to bring high-value high-quality training to businesses, C-suite executives and business owners and other professionals.

The very first BsnssRcks event was in Bruxelles, Belgium. Since then the Bsnssrcks concept  and organisation has expanded. The flagship event on which BsnssRcks was founded is a fully interactive training day and has since been delivered in 13  countries in three languages (English, Dutch, German).

An overview of the business training tracks

Now that restrictions around the plandemic have either been lifted or continue to ease we are able to return to live in classroom events and look forward to your enquiry.
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Core Program

The Business Builder Track is designed for people who want to move either their business, or the business they are in, from something that manages to make it work (or not) to something that both clients and employees want to engage with, and makes others want to work for you. The three different programs that make up the track range from one day to nine weeks. They can either be followed sequentially or randomly as you prefer and depending on your circumstances.

Advanced Capital Track

Whether you're looking to raise investment capital, grow the asset value of the business, or exit the business through a strategic sale, the Advanced Capital Track is designed to provide you with an edge to achieve the best outcome you can make possible. This track is built around my 30 years experience in the private equity space and being pitched for private equity capital. For some of the activities I bring in other professionals to connect you directly with the source of expert knowledge. The programs are presented in different formats and range from one day to nine months.

Total QX Track

Total Quality Experience Methodology "Total QX" creates inspiring business processes producing growth and greater profits with purpose. It's about getting and giving more. More clients who spend more, more often and refer more clients to you who do the same. Total QX Methodology helps you transform the parts of your business that aren't working or can work better for you. It also helps you uncover blindspots you never knew you had. The programs consist of a three hour workshop, a one day intensive and an ongoing invitation-only 'Total QX Club'.

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Business Training Tracks

Some of the reasons business people choose to work with me

A few scenarios typical of the primary challenges of business leaders and business owners before we start to work together.

Systemise to Scale

You have a great business and know it can be bigger, better and add value to more people. But how? How can you keep doing all of the stuff that people love you for, keep the quality and still scale up?
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Growth & Expansion

You want more clients, to spend more with you, more frequently, and tell others to do the same! Totally understandable! With so many possibilities of where to start, what should you focus on first?
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Strategic Acquisition

Organic business growth takes time. But you want to fast-track expansion! Maybe you can acquire a complimentary business. How do you structure a deal that's win-win without deep pockets?
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Execute to an Exit

You're ready to continue your journey onto the next milestone in your business career. Which type of exit sets you up to take on the new challenges you want to pursue and how do you create that exit?
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Commercial Negotiations

Some negotiations are tricky, delicate or complex; especially when you're so close to everything. When the deal is important, it makes sense to invest in experience to help you get it across the line.
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Access Equity Capital

Your business has proven its viability, you're making sales, have some traction and a loyal following. Now you want to level up even faster. Private equity capital can help fast track your plans.
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