GOBsmacked is two business veterans Rick Currie & Paul Lange, unfiltered and unrestrained!

Knowledge comes from putting information into action and creating experiences. Patrick Currie & Paul Lange have a wealth of knowledge from collectively more than 70 years in business and more than 110 years in life which the share warts and all.

Patrick & Paul might be described as two grumpy old businessmen. Truth be known they simply don’t suffer stupidity. Ignorance can be educated; stupidity, well that’s just plain stupid!

If you expect to hear euphemisms or politically correct statements you’re in the wrong place. In this new series Patrick & Paul share advice, ideas, contexts, concepts and more.

Do something with them, do nothing with them. It’s your choice and frankly neither of them will lay awake at night regardless of what you do. They will however cheer on and rave about anyone who is creating success for themselves and others, irrespective of where the motivation, inspiration or information comes from that launches people into action. If you have a story to tell, tell us and let’s share your journey too so that others

Whether you agree or disagree with the perspectives shared, engage and let Patrick and Paul know. As the grumpy old businessmen themselves say, "compliments, critique and even hate mail all provide valuable feedback". Just keep the hate mail to the non-violent kind :-)

This podcast was originally created from the Live episodes (mainly on FB Live) published on the GOBSmacked Facebook Page. Then censorship and cancel culture hit so more often these are recorded and pushed/published to social and the podcast.
The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative. The Art of Enjoying Business and Life
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