What You Don't Learn at Business School About Raising Capital

From Seed to Series C

A Practical Program To Prepare You For Successful Fundraising and Investment Readiness

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What's included?

12 Months Access to the Course
Kickstart your journey with a personalized strategy session tailored to your startup's needs.
1-on-1 Launch 30 min Call
Enjoy a full year of comprehensive course access, allowing you to learn and revisit material at your own pace.
12 Months Accountability, Progress and Feedback Calls
Stay on track with monthly calls designed to assess your progress, offer feedback, and keep you accountable.
Access to an Exclusive Community
We are developing an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs for all participants, both those progressing through the program and future alumni, to engage, network, and collaborate within.
PDF of Full Course to Download and Keep
Receive a downloadable PDF of the entire course for convenient reference anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

All Online.
Time Commitment
Set Your Own Pace. We recommend 1 hour per week.
Learn from EXPErTS
Course Developed From Real World Experience & Execution.
Power YOur Career
Gain Today’s most in-demand skills for Startups to stand apart.
Flexibility to Suit your Lifestyle
Learn on your schedule without adversely impacting your operations respectively without stepping out of your job.
Small-Class Experience
Participate in facilitated discussions & live sessions with industry peers for Accountability, Progress Review & Feedback .
Real-World Execution
Apply learnings and insights immediately to your work to make an impact right away.
Personalised Feedback
Enjoy meaningful feedback on Your Progress from expert facilitators.

Course Author

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Paul J. Lange

Executive & Business Coach
Entrepreneur | Investor | Creator of the Total QX (Total Quality Experience) framework
35+ years experience in Private Equity & Venture Capital specialised in business optimisation.

Why This Program Can Be A Game-Changer For You

Fast-Track Your Funding Journey
Dive right into the heart of startup funding, preparing you to confidently tackle everything from Seed rounds to Series C. This is your roadmap to understanding and leveraging each funding stage to your advantage.
Become Funding Fluent
No more feeling lost in funding conversations. We’ll get you familiar with the language of investors so that you can speak it with ease, turning complexity into clarity and making every investor meeting an opportunity to impress.
Master Investor Engagement
Uncover the secrets to captivating potential investors at each stage. Learn exactly what they're looking for and how to present your startup as the next big thing they can’t pass up.
Navigate Legal Like a Pro
Demystify the daunting world of legal documentation and valuations. We equip you with the know-how to sail through Due Diligence and pitch your startup’s worth convincingly.
Unlock Alternative Funding Routes
Discover the road less travelled with alternative funding strategies that might align with your startup’s unique path. It’s about opening doors where others see walls.
Balance Risks with Confidence
Learn to expertly navigate the trade-offs of startup funding. From managing equity dilution to keeping control of your vision, we’ll show you how to make informed, strategic decisions that protect and propel your startup.
Doing this course will set you up with a level of understanding of startup funding that will help you see the steps you’ll need to take in order to acquire additional capital as you travel along the path of growing your business.

Everything is much easier when we are familiar and comfortable with it and this is what the course is also designed to do. Get you familiar and comfortable with everything from the first seed round all the way to the big leagues of Series C funding. Even if you are already on the way, you’ve probably realised by now that what got you to where you are is not what is going to be required to get you through the next phase. Hell, as an investor, if you were pitching to me I sure would hope that you do, or don’t waste your time.

What we’re talking about is really getting under the hood of each funding stage - what it’s all about, who you’ll be meeting along the way (hello, investors!), and why each step is crucial for taking your startup from just an idea to a full-scale operation.

You're not just learning the ropes; you're gearing up to confidently step into the funding arena. With From Seed to Series C, you'll be able to master the art of engaging with investors because you will know what they're looking for and how they want to see it delivered.

But there’s more to it. We'll get you savvy with all the legal stuff (without the headache), from the must-have documents to breezing through due diligence like a pro. And valuations? You'll learn how to position your startup's worth and communicate it in a way that makes investors take notice.

Ever thought about funding options outside the traditional box? We've got you covered with alternative strategies that could be just the right fit for your growth plans. Plus, we'll help you weigh up the risks, like giving up a slice of your pie (equity dilution) or steering control, and how to play it smart.

Who should enroll?

Startups Preparing for Funding
Innovators Ready to Turn Ideas into Funded Ventures
Business Owners Aiming for Growth
Novice Investors Looking to Make Informed Decisions
Entrepreneurs Seeking to Understand Capital Raising

Watch the video

Hear from the program author, what this is about and how you can apply the information in this program and use it to the best of your advantage.

Why this Program?

Over the last 35+ years I have seen so many truly awful applications for funding. What I’ve realised from the sea of sameness in all of those applications is that all of the owners and founders are generally really passionate about their business venture or business idea. Unfortunately though many are totally lacklustre when it comes to presenting it in a way that will persuade investors to back their idea, back their passion, BACK THEM!! … and ultimately to part with capital and provide access to other resources to assist them in the process of growing the business.

They get stuck in their own story, and while part of pitching is to know how to bring an investor into your story, you first have to meet them where they are. As my mentor and later business partner said to me back in the late 80’s … “You have to sail into their waters before inviting them to explore your shores.”
This program is the exact same type of training content (only updated) and support that I and my partners provided to founders and management of our portfolio companies so that the companies we invested in would be better prepared for the subsequent funding rounds. 

Here’s how it came about.
Together with my mentor and six other partners we ran an investment company providing venture capital and private equity investment. In the early stages we were heavily involved in helping the portfolio companies to raise the next round of capital. So we decided we needed to teach the founders and management of our portfolio companies how to do this. How to prepare for and successfully execute in each of the next funding rounds, so that when they wanted to go to the next stage of funding, whether Series, A, Series B or Series C, we didn’t have to do the heavy lifting. They were prepared and ran with it, … and that’s exactly what we did!

‘From Seed to Series C’ is one of the elements we taught them. It provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the different types of funding rounds, the types of investors they would be pitching to, the expectations of those investors and what they would be looking for so that the Pitch Deck and their pitch could be positioned in a way that was relevant and tailored to their audience.

We prepared them for and trained them to gather and compile in advance the exact information that would be required for the Due Diligence of whichever round they were going for. Actually we had them compile a Data Room so comprehensive, so well indexed and easy to navigate that it made other investors’ heads spin.

In other trainings we taught them how to create a killer Pitch Deck and how to pitch, how to present, how to read the room, and how to compile that extraordinary Data Room. But it started with the contents of this course, from Seed to Series C.

The Course In A Nutshell

A focused exploration of startup funding, providing practical strategies and insights "From Seed to Series C".
Demystify the Funding Stages
Gain a clear understanding of the different stages of startup funding, from Seed to Series C, and the knowledge to navigate the ecosystem effectively.
Receive Expert Guidance on Strategic Transitioning
Get insights into transitioning from one funding stage to the next, including how to prepare for the challenges and opportunities each stage presents.
Learn Strategies to Position Your Business
Accurately identify your business's current stage within the funding lifecycle, ensuring you seek appropriate funding sources and with the relevant strategies.
Set Expectations Specific to Each Stage
Learn what to expect at each funding stage, including the milestones investors look for and the metrics that matter, so that you align your business goals accordingly.
Gain Key Investor Insights
Understand the types of investors active at each stage of funding, including their expectations, preferences, and evaluation criteria, so that you can tailor pitches and proposals to meet these demands.
Get a Detailed Breakdown of the Process
Each funding stage's process is dissected, with a roadmap of steps, potential pitfalls, and success strategies, from initial contact with investors to closing the deal.
Learn How to Do a Balanced Analysis of Funding Stages
Explore the pros and cons of each funding stage and make informed decisions about which paths to pursue, balancing the benefits against potential risks and drawbacks.
Explore Real-World Applications
Theory is transformed into actionable insights through real-world examples, spotlighting companies that have successfully navigated through various funding stages to achieve significant outcomes.
Easier Understanding with Complex Concepts Made Accessible
Topics such as convertible debt, equity dilution, loss of control, equity distribution, and valuations are broken down into understandable segments to provide a solid grasp of critical financial and legal aspects of startup funding.

What Will You Learn?

Upon completing this course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the startup funding lifecycle, from initial seed funding to advanced Series C rounds. They will learn the critical aspects of each funding stage, including the objectives, the types of investors involved, and the strategic importance of each round to the growth and scaling of a startup. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge to identify and engage with the right investors, understand the expectations at each stage, and navigate the complexities of fundraising with confidence. This course demystifies the process of securing capital, offering students insights into the practical and strategic elements of startup financing.

Key takeaways for students include:

Mastery of Funding Stages
An in-depth understanding of seed, Series A, B, and C funding rounds, including the nuances and requirements of each stage.
Investor Engagement
Skills to effectively present to and negotiate with potential investors, understanding their expectations and how to meet them.
Legal and Documentation Proficiency
Knowledge of the necessary legal documentation and due diligence processes required for each funding round, ensuring regulatory compliance and investor confidence.
Valuation Techniques
Competence in applying various valuation methods, substantiating the startup's worth, and articulating this effectively to investors.
Strategic Funding Alternatives
Insights into alternative funding pathways and strategies beyond traditional rounds, enabling flexibility in growth financing.
Risk Management
An understanding of the potential risks and rewards associated with startup funding, including equity dilution and loss of control, and strategies to mitigate these risks.

What's Inside? - the Course Contents

Describes the evolutionary journey of startups, highlighting the transition through various funding stages (Seed, Series A, B, and C) and the unique characteristics and goals of each stage.
Provides insights into the types of investors involved at different stages of startup funding, including the expectations and valuation considerations from both the startup and investor perspectives.
Covers the fundamentals of seed funding, including its definition, importance, sources, and the specifics of initiating and completing a seed funding round, alongside the advantages, disadvantages, and real-world examples.
Delves into the specifics of Series A, B, and C funding rounds, detailing their definitions, significance, sources, processes, and the pros and cons of each round, complemented by examples.
Discusses the non-traditional pathways and alternatives to conventional seed funding, indicating a shift in how startups may approach early-stage financing.
Outlines the documentation and legal requirements across all stages of funding, including general and specific legal frameworks, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), Heads of Agreement (HOAs), and the Information Memorandum (IM).
Explores the due diligence requirements and documentation necessary at each funding stage, including the timing and scope of these evaluations to ensure transparency and readiness for investment.
Examines how valuations are determined, the methods used by different investor types, and the process of substantiating valuation at each stage of funding, with a focus on investor-specific considerations.
Emphasises the importance of effectively presenting and negotiating funding requests, highlighting the strategic aspects of engaging with potential investors.
Throughout the various stages, there’s a consistent evaluation of the pros and cons associated with each funding round, including potential dilution, loss of control, and the strategic benefits of securing funding.

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What's included?

12 Months Access to the Course
Enjoy a full year of comprehensive course access, allowing you to learn and revisit material at your own pace.
1-on-1 Launch 30 min Call
Kickstart your journey with a personalized strategy session tailored to your startup's needs.
12 Months Accountability, Progress and Feedback Calls
Stay on track with fortnightly calls designed to assess your progress, offer feedback, and keep you accountable.
12 Months Access to Community
Engage, network, and collaborate within an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs for a year.
PDF of Full Course to Download and Keep
Receive a downloadable PDF of the entire course for convenient reference anytime, anywhere.
$ 3,200.00
$ 2,400.00

Pre-Launch Bonuses

Unlimited Lifetime* Access to the Course
Enjoy unlimited access to the course for life*, allowing you to learn and revisit material at your own pace whenever you want.
Additional 30 min Call 
Loop back after 90 days and refresh your direction and strategy in an additional tailored 1-2-1.
Lifetime* Accountability, Progress and Feedback Calls
Come back anytime you need a booster of accountability, want to discuss progress in your next funding round or want feedback on your approach.
$ 2,400.00
* In the 'Special Terms & Conditions for Online Courses' we clarify that 'lifetime' or 'for life' access refers to the ability to access the course and any subsequent updates for a minimum of five years from the date of enrollment. This period may extend for as long as the course remains available online. Should the course be discontinued, participants will be offered the opportunity to download a complete copy of all course materials, including recordings and documentation, for their personal use and not for resale.

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