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Integrate Giving Into Your Business Processes
As a business you have the possibility to bring new purpose, meaning and relevance in how you are being by embedding giving right at the core of what you do. We are part of a community of more than 2,300 businesses from 43 countries that have made 150+ million impacts. Together we make a real difference in our world together.

It's the small things that you do that matter!

It's the same as in your business. It's rarely the big things you do that make the impact. More often it's the small things that you do that have the biggest impact. The big stuff is mainly for show and PR. Admittedly when you continuously and consistently do the small things well you deserve the bragging rights of the big impact they collectively create.

Business giving is no different!

Forget about the big checks to whichever charity. Find charities and related organisations that provide the ability to connect your business to giving activities through 'micro-transactions', so that every time you sell something, someone in need is helped. 

What could that look like?

If you are a Cafe, every time someone purchases a cup of coffee you might consider giving life saving water to someone who doesn't have default access to clean drinking water. If you are an optometrist, every time someone purchases a pair of glasses you might consider giving the gift of sight to a child in need of surgery in a third world country (you may be shocked how little that costs). If you are an accountant, every time a client pays their monthly bill you may consider providing the means to start a business to a person in a developing nation. If you are a consultant or coach, every time a person uses your services you may consider providing educational materials, or books or similar to children in your country (for example in remote communities) who may not have access to a complete education curriculum, or to special needs children.

All of this and much more is possible and despite what most people think it is actually very affordable.

The key is to donate to and through organisations with low or next to no admin and overheads. If you would like to know more, reach out and let's have a chat.
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