MainUNStream is unfiltered intercourse, free from hype and hidden agendas!

Everywhere you turn someone is trying to sell you something.

Whether local businesses, multi-national companies, schools, charities, or government. If you read a report, or read the results of a survey, the critical thinker rightly asks, who paid for that, because the purse holders influence the outcome, sometimes blatantly.

There is very little nowadays that is not presented because it is presented, expressed because it is expressed, or just is because it is, without reason, without the influence of vested interest.

MainUNStream is simply that. Presented in good faith with no vested interest in anything discussed either from the host Paul Lange or is guests. Any advice or experience shared, is shared openly and without hype, without any hidden agenda and without a desire to persuade you one way or the other.

Ideally you'll either be critical conscious thinker or be prompted to start being a critical conscious thinker. Even if you arrive at the same place you were before the episode, if it is a conscious choice then more power to you for being a person who seeks out and beats their own path instead of blindly following a path beaten for you

The tone of MainUNStream is very unfiltered which some may find confronting. if that happens, explore within yourself what creates that emotion within you. A different perspective could be what is required. If you choose not to want an altrnative perspective just change the channel. Ideally send some feedback, or dont and move on.

Alternatively if the form and substance of MainUNStream resonates with you, hang around, and please share it with your friends.

This podcast was originally created from the Live episodes (mainly on FB Live) published on Paul's Facebook Page. Then censorship and cancel culture hit so more often these are recorded and pushed/published to social and the podcast.
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