Performance Business Coaching

What I do is …

I help business owners & c-level executives grow the asset value of their business …

To optimise the company to better scale for growth, expansion and a more profitable strategic exit …

By improving how the business executes 8 strategic disciplines in each of 5 tactical areas …

… and hold them accountable each step of the way.

That’s more than a promise. It’s my personal guarantee to you!

First My Personal Story About Being Coached

… or skip this and get to the bit about you …

I know some people resonate very strongly with the concept of having a business coach. There is probably a larger group who don’t and a large percentage of that group are outright against the concept; they simply don’t perceive value. Each to his/her own.

So here is a 30 year retrospective self analysis.

Here is my experience with having a personal business coach myself.

In my life I’ve built several business that I have taken to a very successful exit. I’ve had numerous more that have been built and taken to a reasonable or satisfactory exit … and I’ve had many which were everything but ….

Some of the key differences in the level of success attained were my mindset, being accountable, and access to additional supportive and complimentary experiences, resources, communities and skills. In short the key difference in each case was whether I had one or more business coaches and the degree to which we interacted.

Having a coach was not the sole difference; only it is noteworthy that every success, and often the degree of success, was linked to the degree with which I had support to be the best I could be and from that to do the best with what I had.

I’m not a lone wolf profile. I’m at my best with a pack. Perhaps when you honestly reflect, you’ll find that you are the same.

I still engage with two business coaches today! Thank you both.

Paul's Take On How The World Works

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Who needs a personal business coach?

The people who benefit most from having a personal business coach …

… are those whose deepest desire is to live a life of meaning and purpose …

… because  business coaching is for people who want to leave a legacy.

Deep down these people know their capabilities exceed their current performance. They also feel they are close to unleashing the greatness within them.

Having a results-focused business coach means being able to turn business challenges and obstacles into opportunities and rewards, because business and life are often commingled for high energy business people, and a business coach will help clear the noise, and minimize frustration and confusion …

… by helping you both develop a laser sharp vision of your life and your business, and master your priorities and resources, and …

… by providing powerful strategies and tactical tools to help maximise the value of your business asset, which in turn provides you with the business and personal freedom and fulfilment you desire and you know is attainable.

Why have a business coach?

In the same way that you might sign up for a gym membership or buy a treadmill and some free weights and never use any of it, you can buy a ton of books, e-books, and e-learning courses on any business business topic, on how to be successful, team building, financial management, leadership and more and never use them or apply them to your business and life.

A business coach is much like a personal trainer; a personal trainer helps you increase your strength, get fit, tone up, improve your performance, and holds you accountable. A business coach will do the same in your business.

A personal business coach ensures you apply all the tools and strategies you need to achieve the outcomes that are best for you and your business.

A business coach keeps you accountable for your success and fulfillment in every aspect of your business life and business relationships.

The benefit of a business coach is having someone to hold you accountable and keep you focused on to achieve the results you desire and deserve in your life, business or career. A business coach will push you through obstacles that hold you back or slow you down, and help you recognise them well in advance so you can avoid them automatically in future.

The best coach will help you break free from behaviour that holds you back, overcome any fear of failure, solidify and reinforce your confidence, ignite your instinctive drive, and laser direct your focus on maximizing your growth, resources, tools, strengths and skills to achieve the outcomes you most desire.

Paul J. Lange Performance Business Coaching

Here is what others have to say about working with Paul:

How do you choose the best business coach for you?

The key to finding the best business coach for you is trying it out first. When you feel alignment, give it a try for a limited period, e.g. 90 days, to achieve a specific outcome or set of outcomes. Once you achieve those outcomes roll into a full length program with the focus on achieving the full set of strategic outcomes you’ve determined in the first 90 days.

Definitely sign up for your complimentary discovery coaching call. This is both critical in determining whether coaching is a good fit for you, and whether you are a good fit for your coach.

For the best outcomes with business coaching, it’s important to have a coach who helps you define and achieve your business and life vision, your desired results, and your business and personal goals; it’s not about what they want, their vision, their ideas about the results or goals you should have. It’s about you and your business.

Nowadays pretty much everything is online somewhere for free. Training, information, various forms of education and ways to gain knowledge.  Whether you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant or a consultant in any field, or whether you want to produce something, anything, you can find videos, and articles and tutorials online for just about anything; and it’s all (or mostly) free.

Even so, it doesn’t mean you’d want to hire someone who learned this way.

A lot of people can help you through the good and easy times. They are like fair weather friends. It takes experience, and a history of successes and past failures to be able to help you weather the more challenging times of building, scaling, growing and expanding your business.

The best coaches are an asset and help you grow the asset value of your business. An asset is something that generates income, and in this case leads to your businesses generating more income or achieving other important and defined outcomes. In other words the business coach adds value.

Every coach should be fit for purpose.

It is important to know the background, history and track record of your personal business coach, be sure they resonate with your values, and feel confident they have what it will take to help you reach the business success, freedom, and fulfilment you desire.