What’s beyond the brick wall of our greatest challenges?

I recently posted a question to Facebook with a long explanation in the form of a metaphor for some unfortunate circumstances around one of my commercial ventures. The original post is here.  however the basic premise is you are about hit a pile of bricks on the highway and have a crash at high speed with all sorts of systems failing in the car or being unavailable. What do you do?

There were several responses and a bit of discussion going on at one point.

My intention from the post was to elicit thoughts and ideas I hadn’t considered and see how they can be applied to the situation I was experiencing. So there was no wrong answer. Indeed there were many responses that made me think and I found myself exploring how I could translate the (metaphor based) advice back to the real world experience I was in.

To everyone who responded. Thank you. I’m grateful for your input and advice. You all rock!

One response from Victor Trieu resonated strongly with my personal belief system. It crossed over between the technical responses of the majority of the ideas and a mindset response.

On the surface it is understandable that some people will miss/not see/or even dismiss the mindset perspective; and that is okay we are all different. For me it came at the right moment.

Basically Victor’s advice was have the family adopt the brace position and drive through the bricks.

In situations that are challenging, especially ones that are all encumbering, it is easy to become transfixed on the bricks or perception of a brick wall. Unable to do anything you both resign yourself to a crash followed by destruction and you search hopelessly for ways to avoid the crash.

But what is beyond the wall? What is on the other side?

It could be a new beginning and a better future. One way or another it will be a form of  new beginning and it can be either a better future or a worse one. The reality of the situation is that when these cataclysmic events happen, how your future unfolds is determined entirely by how you respond, what you do next.

Even if the initial post crash experience is negative and crushing, you can still turn it around. How long it takes to turn it around comes down to your mindset.

On the upside, your mindset is something you can change pre-crash. When you do you can set yourself up for rapid recovery if the worst occurs. You can also set yourself up for immediate improved results, as in no negative impact.

Victor was kind enough to elaborate on his perspective via private messages and I’m immensely grateful to him.

The irony is that Victor gave me in his words something I would have said to someone else had I been on the outside, and I am very grateful he did. I’d gone down the rabbit hole a little too far to be able to cognitively position myself to view what was happening from an external perspective. The farthest I came in that endeavour was to ask for help via the metaphor post.

Therein of course lies another lesson in respect of this type of situation. The ability to consciously detach and observe yourself and your experiences from an external perspective.

As I reflect on the situation, given my experience I expected that I would have been better equipped to deal with this. My life and business experience, the advice and mentoring I’d give others in the same situation, application of critical thinking, common sense, lateral thinking or meditation should have kicked in. Yet none kicked in sufficiently to take me further than a metaphor post on Facebook.

In hindsight though, that was far enough; and that is a final lesson for this article. Sometimes you just need to ask for help without any expectation of the responses you’ll receive.

Every response will carry with it opportunity for greater understanding and advancement, if you are open to seeing and receiving it. Depending on how you are, at least one response will resonate stronger with you at your core. So ask for help and be open to receiving.

In future, should a situation like this occur again, I trust I will be more conscious about the potential and the possibilities, and more capable to deal with, and detach from, the noise that surrounds such times.

For now though, once again, thank you to all who responded, and thank you to Victor for your special kind of magic.

In Gratitude

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