You DO NOT have to fail constantly to succeed in either your business and/or personal life

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I met two homeless guys and one homeless lady a few days ago in Sydney. Unfortunately an all too common site on the streets of Sydney these days; indeed around the world.

One guy had been in and out of high paying contract consulting gigs, and the other guy and lady had both been self employed most of their life trying several businesses.

Each had similar stories about how their lives unfolded. Stories of multiple perceived failures; stories of their rocky and destructive relationships professionally, and at home.

Stories that resonated deeply with me, and inspired me to want to share a deeply personal story with you which I will do tomorrow. [Side note: You can find a copy of what I shared with the same people here]

None of the three were bitter. They were more motivated than anything to get the hell out of where they were.

They even expressed gratitude for the experience ‘life has offered’ them. This too inspired me to take action to help others avoid this or something close to it in the future.

Again this is something I would like to share with you tomorrow. [Click here for a blog copy of the email]

As we sat and talked in Hyde Park in the centre of Sydney for over an hour, one of the themes we discussed was the need to fail …

There’s this BS notion in entrepreneurship circles that the only way to get ahead is by failing repeatedly.

Yes, I believe mistakes are essential to success. Just not the only way and they certainly should not be worn like a badge of honour or right of passage.

Instead, the most consistently reliable success strategy that I know of is this…

In whatever area you need to develop and grow, find others who have been there, done that and have both the t-shirt and the battle scars to prove it.

Then, learn from their successes and avoid their errors.

Yes simple! …. and often ignored.

One of the biggest blocks that people face in growing their business rapidly or even at all is just this…

Failure to take onboard the advice of others who’ve been there and (either ignorance based or stubbornness based) ego insists that you know better.

With this in mind (and with thoughts of Annie, James and Mike who I met a few days ago living on the streets of Sydney) I will share something deeply personal and really important with you tomorrow.

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