Are you one of ‘The Untouchables’

Do you get paralysed with fear sometimes?

Not the type of fear when a wild dog or bear or similar is standing in front of you ….

… the fear of failure, of losing something, money, integrity, friendships, opportunity, position, the ‘win’ … or any number of these and more …

Fear created by the perception of possible negative or unfavourable outcomes as, and after, you start experiencing overwhelm related to the circumstances you have created and are currently experiencing.

You took on too much. It’s inhuman the load you place on yourself and stress you place yourself under, yet at the time you are doing it, it doesn’t feel that way; in fact at the time it feels pretty damn right! Totally in the zone!

Yet here you are. Starting to feel that niggling feeling again. You wonder why you let it go that far. So far to that it has put you in this position …. again …

The number of balls you are juggling in your head and your heart are too much but you dare not let any fall. Each and every one of them is important in some way to your values. The things you hold dearest.

You ‘know’ that if you can only pull off everything you need to, the whole puzzle will fall into place and it will be an amazing thing to see. It’s a high stakes gamble, and you like risk. You eat stress for dinner so you can handle this.

Traditional thinking and therapy is to simplify the situation, reduce the number of balls you are juggling; ideally have just one big ball, the absolutely biggest ball you have in your repertoire and focus all of your energy on that.

There is a lot of merit in this approach.

Another is to consider the possibility that you CAN actually bring everything to fruition and choose in your mind the outcome that you have done that. Experience in your mind what it feels like in each and every area (each ball you are holding in the air) to have completed it successfully.

Then work backwards and give your brain clear instructions on what has happened for you to have been able to achieve it.

Once you are back at the beginning you have a blueprint to execute. If there is a remaining barrier, it will often be around money. So now ask yourself how to execute the plan.

Ask the question, answer the question then question the answer until you are sure that what you are telling yourself is the way forward. This might take a few seconds for those who are advanced, or an hour or two when first starting.

Both traditional and contemporary thinking have their place. Honour both and discount neither.

Whether you choose to focus on one or a few, or the whole dog and pony show in your head, firstly choose to believe that you can pull it or them off.

The alternative is being stuck in the vicious circle you are most likely in, struggling to get out and enjoy a more financially stable, stress free life. Your past thoughts and actions have led you to where you are now. If you are broke, bust and on your arse or near to it, then acknowledge it for what it is. The physical representation of your past thoughts and actions. Your current experiences are not you. You can choose to change that immediately and change what you experience as a result.

If you are in business, broke, bust and on your arse, or near to being on your arse or struggling to get off your arse and back on your feet, or just struggling in general, most people in the business support industry and personal development industry won’t want to touch you. You become one of ‘The Untouchables’ because you have neither the financial resources to pay for support or for advertising to promote yourself, and you most likely don’t have a marketing list or sizeable social following.

If you are one of these ‘Untouchables’ I don’t care. Check out my webinar “Going From Bust And On Your Arse to Boom And In The Boardroom” and I will reveal how you can do just that. Supported all of the way as you grow a business that provides you with the income level you know you can achieve, and probably much higher than you currently believe achievable.

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